Born: 1391 AD
Died: 1438 AD, at 47 years of age.

Nationality: Portuguese
Categories: King

1391 - Duarte I, King of Portugal was born in Viseu, on the 31st of October.


         - The Philosopher or the Eloquent, the 11th king of Portugal and Algarve and second Lord of Ceuta.


         - He was the son of King João I of Portugal (John I of Portugal) and his wife, Philippa of Lancaster, a daughter of John of Gaunt.


1415 - Duarte I was knighted after the Portuguese captured the city of Ceuta in North Africa, across from Gibraltar.


1433 - When his father died of the plague and he soon showed interest in internal consensus and became king.


1437 - His brothers, Henry and Fernando, persuaded him to launch an attack on Morocco.


         - Pedro, Duke of Coimbra and Prince John, Duke of Aveiro were both against the initiative; they preferred to avoid conflict with the king of Morocco. 


         - Duarte's youngest brother, Fernando, the Saint Prince was captured, kept as a hostage, and he died later in captivity in Fez. Duarte died soon after the Tangier attack of the plague.



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