Zampieri, Domenico

Born: 1581 AD
Died: 1641 AD, at 60 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1581 - Born on October in Bologna, Papal States (Italy). Italian painter who was a leading practitioner of Baroque classicism in Rome and Bologna.

1602 - He was trained in the academy of Lodovico Carracci and was in Rome, where he joined the Bolognese artists at work under the direction of Annibale Carracci in the decoration of the Farnese Palace.

1614 - His altarpiece of the “Last Communion of Saint Jerome” (Vatican Museum) shows his concern for accurate facial expressions and tightly knit groupings of figures.

1617–1618 - Domenichino painted for Cardinal Borghese the celebrated canvas of “The Hunt of Diana” (Borghese Gallery, Rome).

1624 - 1628 he was occupied with the frescoed pendentives and apse of Sant'Andrea della Valle.

1641 - Died on April 6th in Naples.
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