Dixon, Jeremiah

Born: Jul 27, 1733 AD
Died: 1777 AD, at 43 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Socialite

1733 - Born in Cockfield on the 27th of July.

1761 - Jeremiah Dixon served as assistant to Charles Mason, when the Royal Society selected Mason to observe the transit of Venus from Sumatra.

         - Dixon returned to the Cape once again with Nevil Maskelyne's clock to work on experiments with gravity.

1763 - Dixon and Mason signed an agreement with the proprietors of Pennsylvania and Maryland, Thomas Penn and Frederick Calvert, seventh Baron Baltimore, to assist with resolving a boundary dispute between the two provinces.

         - They arrived in Philadelphia in November and began work towards the end of the year.

1766 - The survey was not complete, following which they stayed on to measure a degree of Earth's meridian on the Delmarva Peninsula in Maryland, on behalf of the Royal Society.

1768 - Before returning to England, they were both admitted to the American Society for Promoting Useful Knowledge, in Philadelphia.

1769 - Dixon sailed to Norway with William Bayly to observe another transit of Venus.

1779 - Died in Cockfield on the 22nd of January.
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