Mori, José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz

Born: Sep 15, 1830 AD
Died: 1915 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: Mexican
Categories: Presidents

1830 - Born on September 15th in Oaxaca, Mexico. Porfirio Díaz was the President of the republic of Mexico.

1854 - Díaz continued in his native town, when, refusing to vote for the dictator, Santa Anna, he was stung by a taunt of cowardice, and hastily pushing his way to the voting place, he recorded his vote in favor of Alvarez and the revolutionists.

1856-1863 - Promotion succeeded promotion, as Díaz led his troops from victory to victory, amid great privations and difficulties. He was made captain, lieutenant-colonel and colonel, brigadier-general, and general of division for the army.

         - From the moment the French disclosed their intentions of settling in Mexico, Díaz took a prominent part against the foreign invasion.

1871 - He was appointed to the command of the second division of the army by President Juárez in his military reorganization, but Díaz, seeing men who had given great and loyal service to the state dismissed from their positions in the government, and disgusted at this course, retired to the little city of Oaxaca; there he lived, helping in the reorganization of the army but taking no active part in the government.

1876-1877 - Díaz came from retirement, took up the leadership against Lerdo, and after desperate struggles and a daring escape finally made a triumphal entry into Mexico city on the 24th of November, as provisional president, quickly followed by the full presidency.

1880-1884 - Díaz was succeeded by Manuel González, the former minister of war, for four years (owing to the limit of the presidential office), but he was unanimously reelected.

1911 - Díaz finally resigning on May 25th after collapse of the government, and spent the remainder of his life exiled in France.

1915 - Died on July 2nd in Paris, France.
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