Devereux, Robert

Born: Nov 10, 1566 AD
Died: 1601 AD, at 34 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Soldier

1567 - Born at Netherwood, Cumbria on the 10th of November.

1590 - He married Frances Walsingham, daughter of Sir Francis Walsingham and widow of Sir Philip Sidney.

1584 - Essex first came to court.

1587 - He become a favourite of the Queen, who relished his lively mind and eloquence, as well as his skills as a showman and in courtly love.

1588 - After Leicester's death, Essex replaced the earl as Master of the Horse.

1589 - He took part in Sir Francis Drake's English Armada, which sailed to Iberia in an unsuccessful attempt to press home the English advantage following the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

1591 - He was given command of a force sent to the assistance of King Henry IV of France.

1596 - He distinguished himself by the capture of Cádiz.

1597 - He defied the Queen's orders, pursuing the treasure fleet without first putting the Spanish royal navy out of action.

1598 - He served as second Chancellor of Trinity College.

1599 - Essex sailed from Ireland on the 24th of September and reached London four days later.

         - He was committed to custody in his own York House on the 1st of October, and he chose to blame Cecil and Raleigh for the queen's hostility.

1601 - On the 19th of February, Essex was tried before his peers on charges of treason.

         - Essex was found guilty and, on the 25th of February, was beheaded on Tower Green.

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