Derrida, Jacques

Born: Jul 15, 1930 AD
Died: 2004 AD, at 74 years of age.

Nationality: Algerian
Categories: Authors, Philosopher, Writers

1930 - Jacques Derrida, born on the 15th of July in El Biar, Algeria. He was an Algerian-born French philosopher, known as the founder of deconstruction. His voluminous work had a profound impact upon continental philosophy, French philosophy, and literary theory.'

1942 - He was expelled from his lycée by French administrators implementing anti-Semitic quotas set by the Vichy government. He secretly skipped school for a year rather than attend the Jewish lycée formed by displaced teachers and students.

1948 - 1949 - He began to think seriously about philosophy.

1960 - 1964 - He taught philosophy at the Sorbonne.

1967 - 1976 - He wrote, De la Grammatologie, La Dissemination and Of Grammatology.

1981 - 1991 - The author of Positions, interviews; The Archeology of the Frivolous: Reading Condillac; Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question and Cinders.

2004 - With aggressive pancreatic cancer, which reduced his speaking and traveling engagements. He died in a Parisian hospital on the evening of Friday, 8th of October.

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