Catherine Fabienne Dorléac

Born: Oct 22, 1943 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Actresses, Entertainers

1943 - Catherine Deneuve was born on the 23rd of October in Paris, France. Her parents were actors. She is an Academy Award-nominated French actress.

1957 - She made her movie debut, when she was a teenager.

1963 - Roger Vadim gave her a meatier part in Vice et la vertu, Le.

1964 - Her breakthrough came with the excellent musical Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les in which she gave an unforgettable performance as a romantic middle-class girl who falls in love with a young soldier but gets imprisoned in a loveless marriage with another man.

1965 - She then played a schizophrenic killer in Roman Polanski's Repulsion.

1967 - She played a married woman who works as a part-time prostitute every afternoon in Luis Buñuel's masterpiece Belle de jour.

1970 - She also worked with Buñuel in Tristana.

1969 - Gave a great performance for François Truffaut in Sirène du Mississipi, La, a kind of apotheosis of her "frigid femme fatale" persona.

1970 - She didn't find parts of that caliber, but her magnificent work in Truffaut's Dernier métro.

1980 - As a stage actress in Nazi-occupied Paris revived her career.

1992 - She was also very good in the recent epic drama Indochine for which she earned her first Academy Award Nominaton (Best Actress).

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