Daudet, Leon

Born: Nov 16, 1867 AD
Died: 1942 AD, at 74 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Activists, Journalist

1867 - Born in Paris, on the 16th of November, the son of the novelist Alphonse Daudet.


1891 - Married Jeanne Hugo, the granddaughter of Victor Hugo.


1895 - Divorced his wife, and became a vocal critic.


1907 - With Charles Maurras, he co-founded and was an editor of the conservative, integralist periodical Action Française.


1919-1924 - Bacame deputy of Action Française.


1927 - He failed to win election as a senator despite having gained prominence as the voice of the far right.


1923 - His son Philippe died in mysteriously and he accused the republican authorities.


       - Daudet fled and was exiled in Belgium.


1930 - Received a pardon.


1934 - In the Stavisky Affair, he was to attack Prime Minister Camille Chautemps, calling him the "leader of a gang of robbers and assassins."


1942 - Léon Daudet died on 30th of June in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, during the Nazi German occupation of France.



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