D'Alema, Massimo

Born: Apr 20, 1949 AD
Currently alive, at 66 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Politician

1949 - Born on the 20th of April, in Rome, the son of Giuseppe D'Alema, an esteemed communist politician.


1967 - Finished his secondary school-leaving certificate in classical subjects.


1970-1976 - Eleted as Town councillor of Pisa.


1975-1980 - Served as National Secretary of the FGCI.


1981-1986 - Became the Regional Secretary of the PCI in Apulia.


1982 - He became Professional journalist.


1985-1987 - Regional Councillor of Apulia.


1986-1989 - Worked as Editor of the daily newspaper L'Unità.


1987-2004 - Became the Chairman of the parliamentary group.


1992-1994 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy.


1996-1998 - Chairman of the committee for constitutional reform.


1998-2000 - Served as Prime Minister of Italy.


1999 - He took part in the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.


2006 - Worked as Minister of Foreign Affairs.




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