Robert M Culp

Born: Aug 16, 1930 AD
Currently alive, at 85 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors

1930 - Born on the 16th of August in Oakland, California.

1947 - Graduate of Berkeley High School.

1957 - His first role on film as the lead star in the western television series Trackdown.

1959 - He continued to work in television and guest starred on numerous TV shows.

1963 - He has also worked as an actor in theatrical films.

1965 - Culp would star in what would become his most famous role in a TV series, as Kelly Robinson on the espionage series I Spy.

1967-1970 - He was married to Eurasian actress France Nuyen.

         - He went on to star in the film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice; probably the height of his movie career.

1971 - He and Peter Falk, Robert Wagner, and Darren McGavin all stepped in to take turns with Anthony Franciosa's rotation of The Name of the Game after Franciosa was fired, rotating the lead of the lavish 90-minute show about the magazine business with Gene Barry and Robert Stack.

         - His most memorable film roles was as Thomas Luther Price in Hannie Caulder.

1972 - He later starred in the films Hickey & Boggs, which reunited him with Cosby.

1981 - His next starring stint on television was as FBI agent Bill Maxwell in The Greatest American Hero.

1987 - He again teamed up with Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show playing Cliff Huxtible's old friend Scott Kelly; the name is a combination of the I Spy character's names.

1969 - He went on to star in the film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice; probably the height of his movie career.

1994 - Culp also played the U.S. President in Alan J. Pakula's The Pelican Brief.

         - Culp has made hundreds of appearances in TV shows and movies.

2004 - Culp lent his voice to the digital character Doctor Breen, the prime antagonist in the computer game Half-Life 2.
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