Coster, Charles Theodore Henri de

Born: Aug 20, 1827 AD
Died: 1879 AD, at 51 years of age.

Nationality: Belgian
Categories: Authors

1827 - Born on August 20th in Munich, Bavaria (Germany). Belgian novelist, writing in French, who stimulated Belgian national consciousness and prepared the ground for an original native literature.

1858 - First developed in Légendes flamandes (Flemish Legends), his literary style is highly coloured and archaistic in the manner of Rabelais, Montaigne, and 16th-century chroniclers.

1867 - Took him 10 years to write his masterpiece, La Légende et les aventures héroïques, joyeuses, et glorieuses d'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs (The Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegl).

1879 - Died on May 7th in Brussel, Belgium.
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