Cornelius, Peter von

Born: Sep 23, 1783 AD
Died: 1867 AD, at 83 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Painters

1783 - Born on September 23rd in Düsseldorf, Palatinate. A painter notable for his part in the German revival of fresco painting in the 19th century.

1811 - Cornelius went to Rome, where he joined a group of young German painters, the Nazarenes, or Lucas Brotherhood (Lukasbund), led by Franz Pforr and J.F. Overbeck.

1819 - Cornelius was invited to Munich by the Bavarian crown prince, later King Ludwig I, to decorate the new museum of classical sculpture (Glyptothek).

1824 - He became director of the Munich Academy.

1829 - His “Last Judgment”, filling the whole east wall of the Ludwigskirche in Munich, is notable for its clarity and didactic purpose.

1841 - Frederick William IV called Cornelius to Berlin, where his main occupation was the planning of a vast cycle of frescoes (never executed) for the walls of a cemetery, modelled on the Campo Santo in Pisa.

1867 - Died on March 6th in Berlin.
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