Cleveland, Stephen Grover

Born: Mar 18, 1837 AD
Died: 1908 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Presidents

US lawyer and Democratic politician


1837 - He was born on Caldwell, NJ.


1852 - It was intended that young Grover should be educated at Hamilton College, but this was prevented by his father's death. A few years later he drifted westward with twenty-five dollars in his pocket, and the autumn of 1855 found him in a law office in the city of Buffalo.


1859 - At the end of four years, he was admitted to the bar.


1863 - He was appointed assistant district attorney of Erie county, of which Buffalo is the chief city. This was his first public office, and it came to him, like all later preferments, without any solicitation of his own. Two years later (1865) he was the Democratic candidate for district attorney, but was defeated.


1871-2871 - Sheriff of Erie County, New York.


1882-1883 - Mayor of Buffalo.


1883-1885 - Governor of New York.


1885-1893 - Became the 22nd and 24th president of US.


1893-1897 - the 1st US president to serve two non-consecutive terms.


Married Frances Folsom (1886) had 5 children with Frances.


Signed Interstate Commerce Act 1887, creating Interstate Commerce Commission


1887 - Maria Crofts Halpin (mother of his illegitimate son) before he was married. Signed Interstate Commerce Act, creating Interstate Commerce Commission.


1887 - He signed Dawes Severalty Act 1887, granting US citizenship and reservation lands to Native Americans agreeing to renounce tribal allegiances.


1888 - Democratic presidential candidate.


Condemned US complicity in overthrow of Liliuokalani of Hawaii and withdrew from Senate consideration annexation treaty submitted by Benjamin Harrison.


1893 - Persuaded Congress to repeal Sherman Silver Purchase Act.


1894 - Denounced Wilson-Gorman Act, as insufficient lowering of tariffs, but declined to veto it.

Sent federal troops to Illinois to enforce injunction against Pullman strike 1894, despite objections by John Peter Altgeld.


Sixth cousin once removed of Ulysses Grant.


1905 - His later career, he was a trustee of Princeton University and Stafford Little lecturer on public affairs. Chosen as a member of a committee of three to act as trustees of the majority of the stock of the Equitable Life Assurance Company, he promoted the reorganization and the mutualization of that company, and acted as rebate referee for it and for the Mutual and New York Life insurance companies. He published Presidential Problems (New York, 1904), made up in part of lectures at Princeton University, and Fishing and Hunting Sketches (1906).


The last of his children (Francis Grover Cleveland) with Frances, lives till 1995, at age 93.


President Grover Cleveland has Portrait on American currency $1000, till 1969.

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