Chrysostom, John

Born: 347 AD
Died: 407 AD, at 60 years of age.

Nationality: Greek
Categories: Archbishops

349 BC - John Chrysostom was born in Antioch.

368 BC - 373 BC - He was baptised and tonsured a reader.

375 BC - He started practising extreme asceticism and became a hermit circa.

381 BC - He was ordained a deacon in 381 by Saint Meletius of Antioch, and was ordained a presbyter by Bishop Flavian I of Antioch.

397 BC - John preached twenty-one sermons in which he entreated the people to see the error of their ways.

398 - He was requested, against his will, to be the Patriarch of Constantinople.

429 BC 441 BC - He is sometimes referred to as John of Antioch, but that name more properly refers to the bishop of Antioch named John, who led a group of moderate Eastern bishops in the Nestorian controversy.

407 - He died on the 14th of September.
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