Chamberlain, Arthur Neville

Born: Mar 18, 1869 AD
Died: 1940 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Politician

1869 - Born on March 18th in Edgbaston, Birmingham, England. British prime minister whose name is identified with the policy of “appeasement” toward Adolf Hitler's Germany in the period immediately preceding World War II.

1915 - He was the Mayor of Birmingham.

1918 - Became a Conservative MP.

1923 - He was a skillful Chancellor of the Exchequer, steering the country back towards prosperity with a policy of low interest rates and easy credit.

         - Three times minister for health, he was responsible for the reform of the Poor Law, the promotion of council-house building, and the reorganization of local government.

1931 - He played a leading part in the formation of the National Government.

1938 - As prime minister, he advocated ‘appeasement’ of the German and Italian dictators in order to avoid war, returning from Munich with a written undertaking by Hitler amounting to ‘peace for our time’.

1939 - Gave orders for the immediate stepping up of the armaments programme, Chamberlain did not, in fact, prevent Hitler's invasion of the Czech Sudetenland in March.

         - He offered Hitler an ultimatum to withdraw or force a war between Britain and Germany. Ignored by Hitler, Chamberlain announced to the nation that war between the two powers had broken out.

1940 - Criticism of his war leadership and initial military reverses led to his resignation as prime minister.

         - Died on November 9th in Highfield Park, Reading, Berkshire, England.
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