Castelvetro, Lodovico

Born: 1505? AD
Died: 1571 AD.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Critics, Philologist

1505 - Lodovico Castelvetro was born near Modena, Duchy of Modena. A dominant literary critic of the Italian Renaissance, particularly noted for his translation of and independently rendered conclusions from Aristotle's Poetics.

1560 - A quarrel with the poet Annibale Caro, initiated by Castelvetro's criticism of one of Caro's canzoni, erupted into a major literary feud that led to Castelvetro's summons to Rome by the Inquisition, his subsequent flight from Italy, and his excommunication.

1570 - Castelvetro then lived in France and in Vienna, where his work on the Poetics of Aristotle, called La poetica di Aristotele vulgarizzata ("Aristotle's Poetics Popularized"), was published

1571 - Died on February 21st in Chiavenna, Swiss Confederation.
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