Casanova de Seingalt, Giovanni Giacomo

Born: Apr 02, 1725 AD
Died: 1798 AD, at 73 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Adventurers, Authors

1725 - Giovanni Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice on the 2nd of April.

1740 - Casanova was back in Venice where he started his clerical law career in the church as an abbot.

1753 - Having spent time in Paris, Dresden, Prague, and Vienna, he returned to his home town of Venice.
1755 - In July, at age thirty, he was arrested and convicted for his interest in magic (witchcraft) by the Inquisitori di Stato in Venice, and imprisoned in "I piombi" ("The Leads"), a famous prison attached to the Doge's palace.

1756 - On the first of November, he escaped from what was one of the most secure prisons of his time; no inmate before Casanova had successfuly escaped.

1757 - He fled to Paris, where he arrived on the same day  that Robert-Francois Damiens made an attempt on the life of Louis XV — some sources say literally minutes afterwards, though others argue the time of day.

1758 - He was entitled with a mission of selling the state bonds in Amsterdam.

1761 - Casanova represented Portugal at the Augsburg Congress, which France had organized in an attempt to end the Seven Years' War.

1766 - He was expelled from Warsaw due to a pistol duel with Count Colonel Franciszek Ksawery Branicki over an Italian actress, a ladyfriend of theirs.

1774 - Casanova was permitted to return to Venice after eighteen years' exile.

1783 - He was expelled again after writing a vicious satire poking fun at Venetian nobility; in it he made his only public statement that Grimani was his true father.

1785 - Casanova retired by becoming the librarian to Count Joseph Karl von Waldstein, a chamberlain of the emperor, in the Castle of Dux, Bohemia (now Duchcov Castle, Czech Republic).

1798 - He died on the 4th of June. 
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