Carrara, Francesco

Born: 1805 AD
Died: 1888 AD, at 83 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Jurist, Politician

1805 - Francesco Carrara was born.

         - Carrara practiced law in Florence and Lucca, where he was soon engaged in debates about criminal law reform.

1848 - He was appointed to the chair of criminal law at the University of Lucca at Pisa.

         - His principal work, written there, was the ten-volume Programma dal corso di diritto criminale. Synthesising Italian thought in criminal law since Beccaria, it also had significant influence abroad.

1840 - Carrara at first followed Mazzini, but came closer to more moderate liberal groups.

1863-1867 - He helped arrange the accession of Lucca to Tuscany, and, after Italian unification, was elected to Parliament.

1889 - He was an influential member of the commission preparing the Criminal Code of Italy, the Codice Zanardelli completed.

1888 - Carrara died at Lucca.
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