Carracci, Antonio Marziale

Born: 1583 AD
Died: 1618 AD, at 35 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1583 - Antonio Carracci was born in the parish of Sta Lucia in Venice likely.

         - He worked on the frescoes of the Galleria Farnese, on the lunettes for the Palazzo Aldobrandini chapel, and probably in the Herrera Chapel.

1616 - He contributed to the Alexander frescoes done for Cardinal Peretti Montalto; other works were done for Marchese Giustiniani, Cardinal Orsino, the Ludovisi, Cavalier Sachetti, Dionigio Buonavia in Bologna; and of course he was under the protection of Cardinal Odoardo Farnese, who recognized him as his ‘pittor di casa’ and paid him a monthly stipend.

         - Antonio was greatly admired by contemporaries, such that made his early death a particularly tragic loss "nel morire che seguì nel mostrò tal contritione e sentimento che simil passaggi si vedono in pochi". Recently, his reputation has declined, and he has been described as a small-scale and awkward mimic of his elder's works.

1618 - He died on the 8th of April.
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