Carman, William Bliss

Born: Apr 14, 1861 AD
Died: 1929 AD, at 68 years of age.

Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Authors, Poets

1861 - Born on April 15th in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Canadian regional poet of the Maritime Provinces and the New England region of the United States who is remembered chiefly for poignant love poems and one or two rhapsodies in celebration of nature.

1878 - He won the School medal for Greek and Latin, and passed into the University of New Brunswick.

1882-1883 - He had taken high honours in both classics and mathematics, and in the academic year, he pursued these subjects, together with philosophy, in a postgraduate course at the University of Edinburgh.

1886 - He resolved to take postgraduate work in Harvard University.

1890-1892 - He was on the editorial staff of the Independent, New York, and later was similarly connected with Current Literature.

         - He was one of the founders of the Chap-Book. But tiring of the editorial chair, he soon became an independent man of letters.

1929 - Died on June 8th in New Canaan, Connecticut.
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