Knutsson, Karl

Born: 1408? AD
Died: 1470 AD.

Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: King

1408 - Born in Sweden. Norwegian-Swedish king who represented the interests of the commercially oriented, anti-Danish Swedish nobility against the older landowning class of nobles who favoured a union with Denmark.

1428 - Married to Birgitta Turesdotter.

1434 - He became member of the Privy Council of Sweden.

         - He assumed one of its most senior offices, Lord High Constable of Sweden, or Riksmarsk.

1436 - Charles was made Rikshövitsman, an office as Military Governor of the Realm.

1438 - Married to Katarina Karlsdotter.

1441 - He stepped down when Christopher III of Bavaria was elected king, but after his death became king.

         - Charles was dubbed a knight and appointed Lord Chief Justice of Sweden, or Riksdrots.

1442 - He was the military governor, hövitsman, at Vyborg in Finland.

1448 - He became the King of Sweden.

1449 - He was elected king of Norway and received the coronation at Trondheim on November 20th.

1457 - Charles went into exile to Danzig(Gdansk).

         - He was expelled by the Danes for the first time and was restored as Kind og Sweden after 7 years.

1463 - Charles was recalled by the rebels, and reigned about half a year, but was then again exiled.

         - He served again as the King of Sweden until his death.

1467 - He regent Eric Axelsson Tott, now having reverted to the support of Charles, once more had him crowned.

1470 - Died on May 15th in Stockholm.

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