Carey, Mathew

Born: 1760 AD
Died: 1839 AD, at 79 years of age.

Nationality: Irish
Categories: Journalist

1760 - Carey came from a middle-class family and was born in Dublin.

1775 - He entered the bookselling and printing business and when still only seventeen published a pamphlet criticizing dueling.

1779 - He met Dr. Benjamin Franklin, working at the time as American revolutionary ambassador to France, who took him on to work in his printing office.

         - Carey worked for Franklin for a year before returning to Ireland where he edited The Freeman's Journal and The Volunteer's Journal, both of which were politically polemic publications

1784 - His stock with the authorities did not thereby increase and so he left Ireland for good, settling in the United States.

1825 - Carey retired, leaving his business to his son, Henry C. Carey.

1839 - Mathew Carey died.
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