Colin Macliver

Born: Oct 20, 1792 AD
Died: 1863 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: General, Military Officer

1792 - Colin Campbell, Baron Clyde, a British soldier, was born at Glasgow on the 20th of October.

1814 - Held a command in the American expedition and after the peace of the following year he devoted himself to studying the theoretical branches of his profession.

1823 - He quelled the negro insurrection in Demerara, and two years later obtained his majority by purchase.

1832 - He became lieutenant-colonel of the 98th foot.

1842 - With that regiment rendered distinguished service in the Chinese War.

1848 - 1849 - Was next employed in the Sikh War, under Lord Gough. At Chillianwalla, where he was wounded, and at the decisive victory of Gujrat, his skill and valor largely contributed to the success of the British arms; and his "steady coolness and military precision" were highly praised in official despatches.

1849 - He was made Knight of the British Empire and specially named in the thanks of parliament.

1863 - He died on the 14th of August.

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