Camel, George Joseph

Born: Apr 21, 1661 AD
Died: 1706 AD, at 45 years of age.

Nationality: Czech
Categories: Botanist, Missionaries

1661 - He wa born on the 21st of April in Brno, Moravia, now Czech Republic.

         - He also known as Camellus, was a Jesuit missionary and botanist to the Philippines.

1683 - He was sent first to the Marianas.

1688 - He transferred to the Philippines.

         - He wrote Herbarium aliarumque stirpium in insula Luzone Philippinarum (Herbs and Medicinal Plants in the island of Luzon, Philippines).

         - Kamel established a pharmacy in Manila the first in the Philippines.

1706 - He died on the 2nd of May in Manila, Philippines.

         - The genus Camellia was named in his honour by Carolus Linnaeus.

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