Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von

Born: Mar 31, 1811 AD
Died: 1899 AD, at 88 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Chemists, Inventor

1811 - He was born in Gottingen on the 31st of March.

         - He was professor at the universities of Marburg, Breslau and Heidelberg,

         - Bunsen performed a series of researches with rubidium and cesium through the spectroscopic analysis.

         - His name is associated to several Physics instruments like the Bunsen-burner (used in laboratory for heating through gas combustion).

         - Bunsen-effuser (determines gas density by velocity measurement of gas drain through a small hole) and grase-spot photometer (used to compare intensity of similar light sources).

1899 - He died in Heidelberg on the 16th of August.
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