Brown, Arthur Roy

Born: Dec 23, 1893 AD
Died: 1944 AD, at 50 years of age.

Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Aviators

1893 - He was born on the 23rd of December.

1915 - Brown decided to join the war effort as soon as he graduated, and enlisted as an Officer Cadet at the Army Officers' Training Corps.

1915 - He received his license, Number 361, on the 15th of November and returned to Ottawa to enlist along with three friends.

         - Brown set sail for England on the 22nd of November and upon his arrival underwent further training at Chingford.

1916 - On the 2nd of May, Brown crashed his AVRO 504 aircraft, emerging apparently unscathed. He climbed out of the wreckage and walked half a mile to the nearest telephone.

1916 - In September, he was posted to Eastchurch Gunnery School.

1917 - On the 6th of October, brown was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) in recognition of his aerial success and in particular for coming to the aid of a lone Allied pilot under fire from four German Albatrosses.

1919 - He left the RAF and returned to Canada where he took up work as an accountant.

         - He founded a small airline and worked for a while as editor of Canadian Aviation. When World War II started he attempted to enlist in the newly-formed Royal Canadian Air Force, but was refused.

1943 - He instead entered politics, losing an election for the Ontario legislature.

1944 - Brown died on the 9th of March, of a heart attack, in Stouffville, Ontario shortly after posing for a photograph with a current flying ace George Beurling.
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