Brod, Max

Born: May 27, 1884 AD
Died: 1968 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Authors, Editors

1884 - Born in Prague on the 27th of May.

1902 - Brod first met Kafka on the 23rd of October, when both were students at the Charles University.

1908 - His first novel and fourth book overall, Schloß Nornepygge, published when he was only 24, was celebrated in Berlin literary circles as a masterpiece of expressionism.

1912 - He was a pronounced Zionist.

1913 - Together with Weltsch, he published the work Anschauung und Begriff which made him more famous in Berlin and also in Leipzig, where their publisher Kurt Wolff worked.

1918 - He briefly served as vice-president of the Jüdischer Nationalrat.

1924 - He worked as a critic for the Prager Tagblatt.

         - Brod was the administrator of the estate and preserved his unpublished works from incineration despite what was stipulated in the will.

         - He translated some of Leoš Janá ek's operas into German.

1939 - Brod and his wife Elsa Taussig emigrated to what was then the Palestine.

1961 - He authored a study of Gustav Mahler, Beispiel einer Deutsch-Jüdischen Symbiose.

1968 - Died on the 20th of December in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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