Branson, Richard Charles Nicholas, Sir

Born: Jul 18, 1950 AD
Currently alive, at 65 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Entrepreneurs

1950 - Born on the 18th of July in Shamley Green, Surrey, England.

       - Branson was educated at Scaitcliffe School (now Bishopsgate School)[3] until the age of thirteen.

1965 - He then attended Stowe School until he was fifteen.

       - Branson has dyslexia, resulting in poor academic performance as a student.

1966 - Richard's first successful business venture was at age 16, when he published a magazine called Student.

1970 - He then set up a record mail-order business.

1971 - He opened a chain of record stores, now known as Virgin Megastores.

       - Branson was arrested and charged for selling records in Virgin stores that had been declared as export stock.

1984 - Branson formed Virgin Atlantic Airways.

1991 - In a consortium with David Frost Richard Branson had made the unsuccessful bid for three ITV franchisees under the CPV-TV name.

1992 - To keep his airline company afloat, Branson sold the Virgin label to EMI.

1997 - Branson took what many saw as being one of his riskier business exploits by entering into the railway business.

1998 - Branson released his autobiography entitled Losing My Virginity.

1999 - Launched Virgin Mobile.

2000 - Opened Virgin Blue in Australia.

2004 - Branson announced the signing of a deal under which a new space tourism company, Virgin Galactic, will license the technology behind Spaceship One—funded by Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen and designed by legendary American aeronautical engineer and visionary Burt Rutan—to take paying passengers into suborbital space.

2006 - Branson pledged to invest the profits of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Trains in research for environmentally friendly fuels. The investment is estimated to be worth $3 billion.

       - Branson formed Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation an entertainment company focussed on creating new stories and characters for a global audience.

2007 - Branson also launched the Virgin Health Bank on the 1st of February, offering parents-to-be the opportunity of storing their baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells in private and public stem cell banks after their baby's birth.

       - In August, Branson announced he takes up 20 percent stake in Malaysia's AirAsia X.

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