Bramante, Donato

Born: 1444 AD
Died: 1514 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Architects

1444 - Born in Monte Asdrualdo.

1474 - Bramante moved to Milan, a city with a deep Gothic architectural tradition, and built several churches in the new Antique style.

1476 - The Duke, Ludovico Sforza, made him virtually his court architect.

1492 - Milan, Bramante also built Santa Maria delle Grazie.

1499 - His Sforza patron driven from Milan by an invading French army, Bramante made his way to Rome, where he was already known to the powerful Cardinal Riario.

1503 - Bramante planned to set it within a colonnaded courtyard to complete the scenery, but larger plans were afoot. Within a year of its completion, in November.

1504 - Basilica's construction was under way, are the cloisters of Santa Maria della Pace near Piazza Navona.

1506 - The cornerstone of the first of the great piers of the crossing was laid with ceremony on the 18th of April.

1514 - Died on the 11th of March.

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