Bradstreet, Simon

Born: Mar 17, 1603 AD
Died: 1697 AD, at 94 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Politician

1603 - Born on March 18th in Lincolnshire, England. American colonial politician.

1628 - He married Anne Dudley, the daughter of Thomas Dudley, the Puritan leader.

1630 - He was associated in the proceedings of the first court held in Charlestown on August 23rd, and later became agent and secretary of Massachusetts and commissioner of the united colonies.

1634 - John Winthrop, the governor of Massachusetts Colony, sent Bradstreet to the colonies of Plymouth, New Haven and Connecticut, to negotiate the formation of the New England Confederation.

1660 - He was sent to England to congratulate Charles II on his restoration, and to act as agent for the colony.

1679 - Bradstreet served as governor of the Massachusetts Colony.

1697 - Simon Bradstreet died on March 27th in Salem, Massachusetts.
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