William Bradford

Born: Mar, 1590 AD
Died: 1657 AD, at 67 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Religious Icon

1590 - Born on the 19th of March, near Doncaster, in Austerfield, Yorkshire.

1606 - He was a committed member of what was termed a "Separatist" church, since the church-members had wanted to separate from the Church of England.

1608 - Bradford fled to the Netherlands, along with many members of the congregation.

1609 - He left England and went to Holland seeking religious freedom.

1609 - He immigrated with the congregation, led by John Robinson, to the Netherlands.

1597 - Bradford married his first wife, Dorothy May.

         - He helped organize an expedition of about 100 Pilgrims to the New World.

1620 - Bradford's wife died. On the 7th of December, Dorothy Bradford died while the Mayflower was at anchor in Provincetown Harbor.

1621 - He helped draft the Mayflower Compact aboard the group's ship, and he served as governor of the Plymouth Colony for all but five years.

         - He helped establish and foster the principles of self-government and religious freedom that characterized later American colonial government.

         - Half the colonists perished, including the colony's leader, John Carver. Bradford was selected as his replacement in the spring.

1623 - William Bradford's second wife, the also widowed Alice Carpenter Southworth, came to Plymouth aboard the Anne.

1627 - He and four others assumed the colony's debt to the merchant adventurers who had helped finance their immigration in return for a monopoly of the fur trading and fishing industries.

1630 - He began to compile his two volume Of Plymouth Plantation.

1657 - Died on the 9th of May.
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