Bradbury, Raymond Douglas

Born: Aug 22, 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 95 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Authors

1920 - Ray Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illinois on the 22nd of August.

1932 - He attributes his lifelong daily writing habit to the day in when a carnival entertainer, Mr. Electrico, touched him with an electrified sword, made his hair stand on end, and shouted, "Live forever!"

1938 - Bradbury graduated from Los Angeles High School in but chose not to attend college.

1938 - He began to publish science fiction stories in fanzines.

         - Ray was invited by Forrest J Ackerman to attend the now legendary Clifton’s Cafeteria Science Fiction Club.

1939 - He launched his own fanzine, titled Futuria Fantasia, and wrote most of its four issues, each limited to under a hundred copies.

1941 - His first paid piece was for the pulp magazine Super Science Stories, for which he earned $15.

1942 - He became a full-time writer by the end.

1947 - His first book, Dark Carnival, a collection of short works, was published by Arkham House.

1950 - He wrote short story collections "The Martian Chronicles".

1951 - He wrote the "The Illustrated Man".

1953 - His novels "Fahrenheit 451".

1957 - His novels "Dandelion Wine".

1985-1992 - Bradbury hosted a syndicated anthology television series, The Ray Bradbury Theater, for which he adapted 65 of his stories.

1996 - He wrote short story collections "Quicker Than the Eye" 1996,
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