Brachet, Auguste

Born: Mar 19, 1909 AD
Died: 1998 AD, at 88 years of age.

Nationality: Belgian
Categories: Biochemist

1909 - Born on the 19th of March in Ettebeek, Belgium. He was a Belgian biochemist who made a key contribution in understanding the role of RNA.

1933 - Brachet was able to show that DNA was found in chromosomes and that RNA was present in the cytoplasm of all cells.

       - His work with Torbjörn Caspersson showed that RNA plays an active role in protein synthesis.

       - Brachet also carried out pioneering work in the field of cell differentiation.

      - Brachet later demonstrated papers that differentiation is preceded by the formation of new ribosomes and accompanied by the release from the nucleus of a wave of new messenger RNA.  

1934 - He studied and graduated medicine at the University of Brussels.

       - He then worked at the University of Cambridge and at Princeton University and at several institutes of marine biological research.

      - Brachet was appointed Professor of Animal Morphology and General Biology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Research Director of the International Laboratory for Genetics and Biophysics in Naples.

     - He published many articles and four books.

1948 - Jean Brachet was awarded the Francqui Prize for Biological and Medical Sciences.

1998 - He died this year.

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