Bowditch, Nathaniel

Born: Mar 26, 1773 AD
Died: 1838 AD, at 64 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Astronomers, Mathematicians

1773 - Nathaniel Bowditch was born on March 26th in Salem, Massachusetts. American astronomer and mathematician.

1785 - The family business kept Nat occupied for another two years until he was apprenticed to another business called “Hodges and Ropes” in Salem.

1790 - At 17 he taught himself Latin in order to read Isaac Newton's Principia.

1798 - Nat had married a woman named Elizabeth Boardman, but she died seven months after their marriage in March.

1802 - Bowditch acquired practical knowledge of navigation as supercargo and master on merchant ships. He is famous for his published book, The New American Practical Navigator.

         - He attended four voyages and actually commanded a merchant ship.

1804 - Nat was elevated to president of a the ‘Essex Fire and Marine Insurance Company’ in Salem; making him the first insurance actuary in America.

1838 - Died on March 16th in Boston at the age of 63.
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