Boulanger, Georges Ernest Jean Marie

Born: Apr 29, 1837 AD
Died: 1891 AD, at 54 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: General, Politician

1837 - He was born in Rennes on the 29th of April.

1856 - Boulanger graduated from Saint-Cyr and entered regular service in the French Army.

1871 - Boulanger was among the Third Republic military leaders who crushed the Paris Commune.

1880 - Boulanger was made a brigadier-general.

1882 - He was a War Minister Jean-Baptiste Billot appointed him director of infantry at the war office,

1886 - He returned to Paris, and began to take part in politics under the aegis of Georges Clemenceau and the Radicals; in January, when Charles de Freycinet was brought into power by the support of the Radical leader, Boulanger was given the post of War Minister - replacing Jean-Baptiste-Marie Campenon.

1889 - In January, he ran as a deputy for Paris, and, after an intense campaign, took the seat with 244,000 votes against the 160,000 of his main adversary.

1891 - He died on the 30th of September.

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