Bonnet, Georges Etienne

Born: Jul 23, 1889 AD
Died: 1973 AD, at 83 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Diplomat, Politician

1889 - Born on the 23rd of July in Bassillac, France. A leader in the French Radical-Socialist Party and minister of foreign affairs immediately preceding World War II, who was a prominent supporter of appeasement of Nazi Germany.

       - Bonnet studied at the Sorbonne, graduating in law and political science.

       - His marriage to the niece of a prominent politician launched his political career.

1924-1940 - After minor ministerial and legal positions, he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

1925 - Appointed undersecretary of state.

1936 - e continued to serve in high ministerial positions throughout the 30's and was named ambassador to the United States.  

1937 - After the defeat of Léon Blum's Popular Front government, Bonnet was named finance minister under Camille Chautemps.

1938 - In April, he became foreign minister under Édouard Daladier and in this capacity supported the Munich Agreement, which allowed Adolf Hitler to occupy the Czech Sudetenland.

1939 - Bonnet continued to pursue a program of appeasement until the outbreak of World War II in September, when he was demoted to justice minister.

1940 - He left that post on the resignation of Daladier in March.

1941-1942 - Bonnet argued in favour of the French armistice, supported the Vichy regime, and was appointed to the National Council.

        - He refused other office and left France before the Allied invasion.

        - After the liberation, proceedings were started against him but were dropped.

1944 -  Expelled from the Radical Party.

1952 - He was readmitted in the Radical Party.

1955 - Only to be expelled again for his opposition to Pierre Mendès-France.

1956-1968 - He was again elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

1961 - He wrote, Le Quai d'Orsay is a book of memoirs.

1973 - He died on the 18th of June in Paris, France.


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