Bollee, Leon

Born: 1870 AD
Died: 1913 AD, at 43 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Inventor

1870 - Leon Bollee was born this year. He was a French automobile manufacturer and inventor.

1887 - He began work on three calculating machines: the Direct Multiplier, the Calculating Board and the Arithmographe.

1889 - He invented 1st calculator capable of direct multiplication and it won a gold medal at the Paris Exposition.

1895 - Bollee and his father entered a steam car, La Nouvelle.

         - He developed a gasoline-powered vehicle, which was entered in the Paris-Marseille-Paris race.

         - He founded the company Léon Bollée Automobiles in Mans.

1895 - He invented the Voiturette (translated as autoette).

1896 - He patented and began manufacturing the three-wheeled vehicles.

1903 - He started producing larger vehicles.

1911 - Léon Bollée was injured in a flying accident and never recovered.

1913 - He died of heart problem this year.

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