Boker, George Henry

Born: Oct 06, 1823 AD
Died: 1890 AD, at 66 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Diplomat, Dramatist, Poets

1823 - Boker was born in Philadelphia, on the 6th of October, to Charles S. Boker, a wealthy banker.

1840 - He was educated in private schools, and entering Princeton.

1848 - He published his first volume of verse, "The Lessons of Life, and other Poems."

1855 - He wrote play "Francesca da Rimini".

1860 - The Union League Club was founded, with Boker as the leading spirit.

1863 - He served as secretary of Union League Club.

1864 - He issued his volume "Poems of the War."

1869 - Boker issued Königsmark, The Legend of the Hounds and other Poems.

1871 - He served as US ambassador to Turkey.

1875 - He became the US ambassador to Russia.

1878 - On the 15th of January, he withdrew from diplomatic life, returning to the United States.

1879-1884 - He was the Union League Club President.

1890 - Boker died in Philadelphia on the 2nd of January.

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