Bodard, Lucien Albert

Born: 1914 AD
Died: 1998 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Authors, Journalist

1914 - Lucien Bodard was born in Chong Qing (central China), son of the French consul. French (Chinese-born) author and journalist

1944 - He begins his career as journalist and is sent to the far east covering various topics such as the south-east Asian war and the communist rising in China.

1963 - He wrote "The Quicksand War: Prelude to Vietnam".

1971 - Edited and translated the Pentagon Papers.

1963-1973 - Wrote 5-volume "The War of Indochina" (also "La Guerre d'Indochine"), novels "Monsieur le Consul".

1981 - Authored the book "Anne-Marie".

1998 - Bodard, Lucien Albert died this year.


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