Bloor, Ella Reeve

Born: Jul 08, 1862 AD
Died: 1951 AD, at 89 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Political Activists

1862 - Ella Reeve Bloor was born on Staten Island, on the 8th of July. American political organizer and writer who was active as an American socialist and communist, both as a candidate for public office and in labour actions in several industries.

1881 - Married Lucian Ware when she was nineteen. She raised a large family while becoming a women's rights activist.

         - Became involved in Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and women's suffrage.

1895 - Wrote the book "Three Little Lovers of Nature".

1896 - She studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

1897 - She joined with Eugene Debs and Victor Berger to form the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

1898 - She moved to the more radical Socialist Labor Party that was led by Daniel De Leon.

1899 - Authored the book "Talks About Authors and Their Work".

1902 - Became a member of the Socialist Party of America (SPA).

          - Became increasingly devoted to labour and left-wing causes, joining the Socialist Part.

1905 - She helped a fellow member of the Socialist Party of America, the author, Upton Sinclair, to gather information on the Chicago stockyards.

         - She ran unsuccessfully as secretary of state for Connecticut and lieutenant governor of New York.

1906 - She adopted the pen name Mrs. Richard Bloor while doing investigative reporting for Upton Sinclair.

1919 - She joined with others to form the Communist Party U.S.A.

1921-1922 - Attended the Second International conventions in Moscow.

1932 - She helped found the American Communist Party and became a long-serving member of its Central Committee.

         - She married her third husband, then travelled in the Midwest organizing farmers and leading farmers' strikes.

1938-1940 - She lectured widely and wrote several books, including Women in the Soviet Union, and an autobiography, We Are Many.

1941 - Became an advocate of American participation in the Second World War.

1951 - She died in Richlandtown, Pennsylvania on 10th of August.

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