Block, Adriaen

Born: 1567 AD
Died: 1627 AD, at 60 years of age.

Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Businessmen

1567 - Born this year. Adriaen Block was a Dutch private fur trader and navigator.

1611-1614 - Explored the coastal and river valley areas between present-day New Jersey and Massachusetts during four voyages.

1611 - At the commission of a group of Lutheran merchants, Block and fellow captain Hendrick Christiaensen revisited the area Hudson had explored, bringing back furs and two sons of a native sachem.

1614 - He is noted for establishing early trade with the Native Americans, and for the map of his last voyage on which many features of the mid-Atlantic region appear for the first time, and on which the term New Netherland is first applied to the region.

       - He made a fourth voyage to the lower Hudson in the Tyger accompanied by several other ships especially equipped for trading.

       - Block, Christiaensen, and a group of twelve other merchants presented to the States General a petition to receive exclusive trading privileges for the area.

1627 - He died this year.

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