Bleuler, Eugen

Born: Apr 30, 1857 AD
Died: 1940 AD, at 82 years of age.

Nationality: Swiss
Categories: Psychiatrist

1857 - Bleuler was born in Zollikon, a small town near Zürich in Switzerland, on the 30th of April.


He studied medicine in Zürich, and later studied in Paris, London and Munich.


1886 - Bleuler became the director of a psychiatric clinic at Rheinau.


1898 - Returned to the Burghölzli to be appointed director, where notably he employed Carl Jung as an intern.


1911 - He credited the word 'ambivalence'.


1912 - The Oxford English Dictionary states that he also named 'autism'.


Coined word "schizophrenia"


He is the early collaborator with Sigmund Freud.


Bleuler is the teacher of Hermann Rorschach



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