Black, Joseph

Born: Apr 16, 1728 AD
Died: 1799 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Chemists

Scottish (French-born) chemist


1728 - Joseph Black was born on the 16th of April.


1746 - He entered the University of Glasgow.


Studied at Edinburgh University and then thoroughly studied properties of carbon dioxide.


1755 - Discovered the carbon dioxide.


1756 - He described how carbonates become more alkaline when they lose carbon dioxide.


1757 - Appointed Regius Professor of the Practice of Medicine at the University of Glasgow.


1759-1763 - Between these years he evolved that theory of "latent heat".


1761 - He discovered that ice absorbs heat without changing temperature when melting.


1799 - Joseph Black died on the 6th of December.



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