Bjornsson, Svein

Born: Feb 27, 1881 AD
Died: 1952 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Icelandic
Categories: Politician

1881 - Sveinn Björnsson was born on the 27th of February in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1912 - He became a member of Reykjavík town council.

1918 - He served sa president of Reykjavík town council.

1914 - He was a member of the Althing.

1916 - He founder and Director of the insurance company Brunabótafélag Íslands.

1920 - He acted as minister to Denmark.

1924 - He was one of the founders of the Icelandic Red Cross on 10th of December, and its first chairman.

1926 - He served as acting minister to Denmark.

1940 - He became regent of Iceland.

1941-1943 - Sveinn was elected Regent of Iceland three times.

1944 - He served as the 1st president of Iceland.

1952 - He died on 25th of January in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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