Birdseye, Clarence Frank

Born: Dec 09, 1886 AD
Died: 1956 AD, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Businessmen

1886 - Clarence Birdseye was born on the 9th of December.

         - He attended Amherst College, with the intention of becoming a biologist.

1912 - He became interested in the preservation of food by freezing while working as a fur trader in Labrador, Canada.

1922 - In September, while still employed by the government, Birdseye returned to New York City and formed his own company, Birdseye Seafoods, Inc.

1924 - On the 3rd of July, he formed the General Seafood Corporation with some rich partners who believed in his process.

         - He developed a commercially viable quick-freezing process.

1939 - He was a Member of the Institute of Food Technologists.

1949 - He received the Babcock-Hart Award.

1956 - He died on the 7th of October in New York.

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