Bierce, Ambrose Gwinnett

Born: Jun 24, 1842 AD
Died: 1914 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Critics, Journalist, Poets, Satirists, Writers

1842 - Bierce was born in a rural area of Meigs County, Ohio on 24th of June.


1862 - Bierce enlisted in the Ninth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, as part of the Union Army.


         - He was commissioned as a first lieutenant and served on the staff of Gen.


         - Bierce fought at the Battle of Shiloh in April.


1864 - In June, he received a serious head wound at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.


1866 - Resumed his military career.


         - In the summer, he rejoined Gen. Hazen as part of the latter's expedition to inspect military.


1887-1906 - Bierce became one of the first regular columnists and editorialists to be employed on William Randolph Hearst's newspaper.


1899 - He moved to Washington, D.C., but continued his association with the Hearst Newspapers until 1906.


1913 - The septuagenarian Bierce departed Washington on a tour to revisit his old Civil War battlefields.


         - By December, he had proceeded on through Louisiana and Texas, crossing by way of El Paso into Mexico


         - In Ciudad Juárez, he joined the army of Pancho Villa as an observe


         - On 26th of December he vanished without a trace, becoming one of the most famous disappearances in American literary history.



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