Bielski, Marcin

Born: 1495? AD
Died: 1575 AD.

Nationality: Polish
Categories: Historian, Poets

1495 - Born in Sieradz Province, Poland. A Polish chronicler, historian and poet. A prolific writer, he is called the father of Polish prose, as he was the first author to use that language.

         - He was educated in the University of Cracow, founded by Casimir the Great, and spent some time with the military governor of that city.

1531 - He served in the army in the wars against the Wallachians and Tatars, and participated in the battle Obertyn (Galicia).

1535 - He is the author of numerous works like "Zywoty Filosofow" (Lives of the Philosophers).

1550 - His "Kronika Swiata" (Universal Chronicle), was the first important universal history published in the national idiom, and the first attempt at a comprehensive history of Poland.

1575 - Died on December 18th in Sieradz Province, Poland.
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