de Bethlen, István Bethlen, Count

Born: Oct 08, 1874 AD
Died: 1945? AD.

Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Politician, Prime Ministers

1874 - 1874 - István Bethlen was born on the 8th of October. The prime minister of Hungary.

1901 - Bethlen was elected to the Hungarian parliament as a Liberal, he joined the national opposition and was active in the counterrevolutionary movement against Béla Kun's communist regime.

1919 - Served as a representative of the new Hungarian government at the Paris Peace Conference.

         - Returned to Hungary to assume leadership of the anti-communist "white" government.

1921-1931 - Served as Prime Minister of Hungary and founded the Party of National Unity.

         - He was called to the premiership by Adm. Miklós Horthy in April with the hope of establishing a strong conservative regime. His domestic policy was authoritarian. He tried to preserve the old feudal aristocratic privileges, ended land redistribution, reintroduced a system of public voting in the non-urban areas, and restricted suffrage.

         - He broke through the encirclement of the Little Entente (a triangular coalition of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania against Hungary) to sign a treaty of friendship with Italy.

         - Unable to cope with the financial situation, Bethlen resigned.

1940 - He opposed Hungary's alliance with Germany.

1945 - The Soviets captured him and took him to Moscow, where he was reported to have died.

         - He was murdered with Hungarian patriots 5th of October.
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