Bethlen, Gábor Iktári

Born: 1580 AD
Died: 1629 AD, at 49 years of age.

Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Prince

1580 - Born at Illye. Calvinist prince of Transylvania.

1613 - He was elected Prince of Transylvania.

         - Bethlen led a large army against Prince Báthory.

1615 - Recognized by the Emperor Matthias as the Prince of Transylvania.

1919 - He invaded Hungary and had himself elected king.

1620-1621 - He was briefly the titular king of Hungary, in opposition to the Catholic emperor Ferdinand II.

1622-1625 - He was the Duke of Opole and was the leader of an anti-Habsburg insurrection.

         - He led an active Protestant-oriented foreign policy.

1629 - Died on November 15th in Gyulafehérvár, Transylvania.
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