Bertalanffy, Ludwig von

Born: Sep 19, 1901 AD
Died: 1972 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Biologists

Canadian (Austrian-born) biologist


1901 - Born on the 19th of September in Vienna, Austria.


1926 - Finished his PhD thesis about physicist and philosopher Gustav Theodor Fechner.


1934-1948 - Professor at the University of Vienna.


1948-1949 - Served as Professor in University of London.


1949 - Professor in University of Montreal.


1950-1954 - Worked in University of Ottawa as Professor.


1955-1958 - Became Professor in University of Southern California.


1958-1960 - Professor in The Menninger Foundation.


1961-1968 - Served as Professor University of Alberta.


1969-1972 - Professor State University of New York at Buffalo.


1964 - Published The individual growth model is widely used in biological models and exists in a number of



1972 - Carl Ludwig von Bertalanffy died on 12th of June in New York, USA.




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